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How important is ball control? What would it do for a team to have less turnovers? If your special teams dropped less kick returns would it lead to more victories? Does a fumble equal losing the championship game?

The fumble is the instance when a ball carrier loses possession of the football and at the same moment their fans lose a bit of trust in that player’s security with the football. When the fans lose trust, the team loses a little piece of itself. The second that pigskin is dropped that player creates despair in the hearts of 1000’s of fans and his very own teammates. Not to mention the effect it has on the confidence of the player that just lost the ball and witnessed his opponents pick it up and run it back for a touchdown. No one wants to see this happen especially in a game that is critical for the team’s season. No one as much as your team at Edge Sports where we create the latest technology in ball control.


The design team at Edge Sports spent months watching plays, going over fumble after fumble, dropped kicks and footballs being stripped from the hands of some of the best players out there. We wanted to create the best most durable product that would reduce turnovers, create more opportunities to score and have less opportunity to lose the trust of their fans and fellow teammates.


Who can forget the infamous fumble by running back James Stewart of the Jacksonville Jaguars? It was the 1996 AFC playoffs against the New England Patriots. With 2 minutes left the Jaguars had possession around midfield Stewart had the ball on a run and lost control, you can imagine the crowd and the heartbreaking reaction as they watched Otis Smith pick up Stewart’s fumble and run it back 47 yards for a game ending touchdown to clinch the AFC title and destroy the dreams of the Jags moving forward. If only Stewart had on STRONGHOLD Wristbands!

It was Super Bowl 28 Buffalo Bills and Dallas Cowboys were battling it was 13-6 at halftime in the Bills favor. Then only 45 seconds into the 3rd Quarter Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas had the ball ripped from his control by Leon Lett, Dallas defensive back James Washington picked it up carrying it 46 yards for a touchdown turning the momentum and the game over to Dallas from there on it was all Cowboys ending in a 30 -13 victory. That turnover cost the Bills the game. If Thurman had Edge Sports STRONGHOLD Wristband Grips that whole game could have turned out different.

These are 2 of the most memorable turnovers in football. Tom Herman once said, “If you win the turnover battle and the explosive play in the same game you win that game 98 percent of the time.” He continued with “Now, can you win it with only winning one and losing one? Sure. But if you lose both, you only win 2 percent of the games that you play.” Coming from a man that lead Houston to a 13-1 season and Ohio State to 38-3 over a 3-year run these are powerful words. One of our favorites here at Edge Sports is “Win the turnover battle.” Yes, it is a battle of power, strategy and ball control. “If you win the turnover battle, you’re going to win more then you lose. Quite a bit more than you lose.”


If you don’t believe Herman just look at his one loss the 13-1 season it was at Connecticut where Huston suffered a massacre in the turnover battle in 4-0 apocalypse. That was the only defeat of the season and it was the only turnover battle they lost all season.

STRONGHOLD Wristbands are designed in every detail to help prevent massacres like Huston had, they are made to help the greatest players accomplish more then a few extra touch downs. Edge Sports crafted these to take the game to a new level where turnovers don’t control who wins and loses but pure skill and amazing plays do. We want more action, more touchdowns, more players being able to trust that the ball is securely tucked and no amount of hits, 300-pound guys pulling on your arms or impact with the ground will let that pigskin baby come loose. With the confidence our players will have wearing STRONGHOLD Wristbands we know that amazing plays will happen. Plays that the world of football has never seen.  Let’s change the game of football, give every player the best technology to score more, run more, catch everything thrown at them and plow through the biggest defense out there knowing they have the ball in their control.  As a football fan I want to see the highest scoring, most exciting football ever witnessed. With Edge Sports fans from coast to coast and all around the world will get to see the most amazing game ever played hit new levels of excitement.


Turnovers Could Be Key to a 49ers Turnaround in 2019

Lack of pass rush, bad luck and carelessness on offense produced a bad formula for San Francisco, but the team believes it will be better after some changes (and changes in luck) this season By Doug Williams Published Jul 9, 2019

Sometimes, football is a simple game. Sometimes, winning and losing is determined by simply taking care of the football on offense and taking it away on defense.

So, in that regard, there may be hope for the 49ers in 2019 because the franchise was freakishly awful in those categories in 2018.

Last season, the 49ers gave the ball away 32 times on offense, with 20 interceptions and 12 fumbles lost. On defense, the Niners had just seven takeaways, with two interceptions and five fumble recoveries. That made San Francisco the worst team in the NFL with a minus-25 takeaway/giveaway total.

By contrast, last season’s Super Bowl teams, the Rams and Patriots, were among the NFL’s top teams in that category, at plus-11 and plus-10, respectively.

edge logo with product.jpg

As the 49ers head toward the start of training camp in late July, defensive coordinator Robert Saleh is hopeful that number can take a big leap forward – and the 49ers can win more games.

The addition of defensive ends Nick Bosa and Dee Ford could be a key to the equation, with more pressure on opposing quarterbacks producing more off-target throws and sacks (which can produce fumbles).

Ford, playing for the Chiefs in 2018, was credited with forcing 10 turnovers (seven forced fumbles, three interceptions). New linebacker Kwon Alexander, formerly of the Bucs, also is known for creating turnovers.

But Saleh has said there was simply some bad luck, too, that produced those horrible turnover numbers in 2018. The law of averages could bring some good luck the 49ers’ way this season.

Saleh said his team had some bad breaks in a 4-12 season.

"There’s no doubt," Saleh said late last season, when asked if the 49ers can improve their takeaway number in 2019. "I’ve never seen it like this before in my life, where the ball just sits on the ground and the bounces that other teams have gotten, the drops. I’m baffled, I’ll be honest with you. It can flip in a hurry."

Just two seasons earlier, for instance, the Rams were minus-11 in giveaway/takeaway ratio.

"They come in bunches," said Saleh. "It’s all rush coverage, everything tying together."

Saleh said the 49ers were "snake-bitten" in 2018.

While the 49ers believe they’ve improved their roster this offseason, taking care of the ball better, and taking it away, could go a long way to making 2019 more successful.

Losing turnover battle means Vikings just plain lose Zimmer refuses to single out receivers' miscues. By Ben Goessling Star Tribune

Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore (23) closed in to recover a fumble by Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen (19) late in the second quarter, one of two costly Minnesota turnovers Sunday night. On Monday morning, roughly 12 hours after the Vikings’ 30-20 loss to the New Orleans Saints, wide receiver Adam Thielen still hadn’t watched video of the play that changed the game on Sunday night. Nor did he have any plans to do so.

ball with es.jpg

“I haven’t watched it — probably won’t watch it; maybe I will,” Thielen said of his fumble in the second quarter Sunday night. “I know what I did. Every other time I get in traffic, I put it high and tight, close to my body. For some reason, that time, when I was in traffic, I was trying to split them and use my speed, rather than just tucking the ball and being safe with it.”

Thielen’s fumble, which came on the Saints’ 18, cost the Vikings a chance to take a 10-point lead before halftime. Instead, the Saints scored a touchdown two plays after Marshon Lattimore’s 54-yard return of the fumble, taking a four-point lead they would eventually extend to 14 after P.J. Williams’ 45-yard interception return for a touchdown.

The two plays loomed large in the loss, as turnovers have every time the Vikings haven’t won this season. In Mike Zimmer’s first four years as the Vikings’ head coach, the team didn’t have more than six games in a season where it finished with a negative turnover margin. It’s had four already this season — and is 0-3-1 in those games.

“If you look at the turnovers throughout the course of the year, the times we’ve won the turnover battle, we’ve won,” Zimmer said.

LATTIMORE fumble.jpg

Thielen’s fumble — his first since Week 6 last season — came as he caught a wide receiver screen and tried to split Williams and Alex Anzalone, getting the ball knocked out of his hands as he leaned forward.

“A lot of times, it does happen when you’re trying to get the extra yard, when you’re trying to stretch the ball out,” Thielen said. “You’re trying to split guys and just run as fast as you can, rather than worrying about just putting two hands on the ball and taking it. It’s a good learning moment for me, for sure. Obviously, I should have known that already; it’s happened before in my career.

“I think it was a little bit of a lack of concentration and situational awareness. Where we were, with the time and the clock, take the hit, get down and live to play another day.”

Both Thielen and fellow wide receiver Stefon Diggs shouldered the blame for the Vikings’ turnovers after the game; Diggs said he was trying to give Cousins an easy throw while the quarterback was rolling to his right, sitting down in coverage rather than continuing his route as Cousins threw to the spot where he expected Diggs to be.

On Monday, Zimmer said he told players to stop blaming themselves for mistakes publicly.

“We have scramble rules that we do and different things,” Zimmer said. “Like I told them in the meeting today, the receivers need to stop saying that stuff because one person doesn’t lose a game, one person doesn’t win a game.

“We win around here as a team, we lose around here as a team. Guys make mistakes, miscommunication; whatever you want to call it, it happens. I will never put anyone of those one things on one player ever. We talk about there’s 22 guys on the field for 150 plays in the game. Guys are going to make mistakes; that’s what it is. The team that makes the least amount of mistakes wins, but no one person loses the game.”

When asked if he was referring to Diggs’ postgame comments taking the blame for the interception, Zimmer said, “I don’t know.”

In any case, the Vikings — who are 30-6 under Zimmer when they’ve won the turnover battle — will try to fix things Sunday against a Lions team that has just six takeaways for the season.

“I think we had it going, execution-wise, scheme-wise, and all that,” Thielen said. “Maybe it was just a lack of concentration, or being too relaxed, or what have you. That’s the frustrating part: you know how many times you’ve done it a different way, or the right way, and the one time you slip up, it costs you.”

Ben Goessling covers the Vikings for the Star Tribune. He has covered the team since 2012, and has previously covered the Twins, Wild, Washington Nationals and prep sports.

The American Dream! How the Edge Sports STRONGHOLD Wristband Grips was started.

New Packaging

New Packaging



Tyrone Wheatley with the original Wristband!

Tyrone Wheatley with the original Wristband!

Football Fans and all you great people that believe in the American Dream!  The year was 1993 a young man was watching the Michigan Wolverines on TV. During this game he took notice that Tyrone Wheatley fumble the ball 3 times, yes 3 TIMES!!! While watching the slow-motion replays he saw how these fumbles all happened. Tyrone lost control of the ball because it slid right off his wristbands! In that instant an idea flashes in his mind. Why don’t the wristbands have grip like the gloves they all wear?  With that one thought Edge Sports STRONGHOLD Wristband Grips was born. This young man was 20 something just getting started in life and he ran with his idea. He got a patent and introduced his product to local schools. In a few weeks Tyrone Wheatley was wearing them during U of M games!!! At this time, he was hand sewing these in his kitchen, once it started to take off things got crazy. Not only did local State Championship teams have his STRONGHOLD Wristband Grips on when they won but the University of Michigan’s very own Tyrone Wheatley and others on the team were wearing them. He would go to games and see players autograph his product and throw them to fans. It was looking like the sky was the limit and dreams were about to come true. Then the orders really started and the overwhelming feelings began. Let us not forget these where hand-sewn in his kitchen one at a time. All while in college taking a full load of classes. Well like I mentioned the orders started to flow and overwhelmed this young entrepreneur. He had no choice but to put a pause on his dream. After that as tends to happen in a young man‘s life, the drive to succeed in college, find a career in the chosen field and have a family began. In a blink of an eye 20 years flew by. Now the Young Man is a Father, Husband and successful businessman. He never forgot about that feeling seeing his creations in play, helping those finely tuned athletes dominate the football field. He knew someday he would be back in those stadiums cheering on his favorite teams and seeing The STRONGHOLD Wristband Grips back on the arms of elite players. He is now ready to give his amazing products to the world and in proper fashion. The patents are all done, the manufacturing is set, the team is in place and the dream is alive and ready to explode. He is ready to really give the men and women that take the field of play a new advantage when it comes to Ball Control and Turnover Ratio. The STRONGHOLD Wristband Grips is like nothing the players on the field of battle have ever had. Imagine a single product that brings more confidence for your running back knowing that his totem is will protected and locked in his STRONGHOLD Grips. Our patented, 1st of its kind STRONGHOLD Wristband Grips will change the game, the teams that get them first will WIN more games. Hands down, they will drop less passes, drop kick returns less, get the ball striped less and fumble less. It's talked about all the time by all the top Football Coaches and Players control the ball is the single most important factor, turnovers lose games, and turnover ratios are the number statistic for the cause of losing the game. We can help your team in all of these turnovers ratios, ball control and winning more games! There is a small window for those of you that are first adapters, when you get in early and show your opponent what it’s like to have the extra strength, confidence and ball control of STRONGHOLD Wristband Grips on your arms. Get yours today, get your whole team outfitted, every player on the field can benefit from our products. Edge Sports STRONGHOLD Wristband Grips are one young man’s idea, handmade and started in a kitchen, turned into a dream on hold. A thought always in the back of his mind just waiting for the moment to turn his dream back into reality. 2019 is that moment. You need to be the Athletes of 2019 that are the beneficiaries. The team that has the least turnovers and brings home the CHAMPIONSHIP! Welcome to STRONGHOLD GRIPS, Welcome to Edge SPORTS. Welcome to the best season of your football career. Let’s change the Game together!

Kirk Cousins Football Camp at Hope College.

Kirk Cousins Football Camp at Hope College.